Ancient Earth Medicine for Mind,​ Body and Soul


Sessions and Scheduling Information

 All first-time in-person clients require a brief phone consultation (approx. 10 mins) prior to booking a session. 


(PLEASE NOTE: Our phone call is not a session. It's purpose is for us to connect and for me to hear your intention for seeking my help.  I will ask you a few questions to make sure we are in alignment and answer questions you may have pertaining to how I work)

All sessions are by appointment only with no walk-ins available. 

Please call now for more information and to schedule a session:


Sessions are offered in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and can be scheduled for:

In-person, phone or Skype.

Please call to discuss options and pricing that will address your needs.

1/2 Hour - Phone only $85

1 Hour - Phone only $140

 11/2 Hours - Phone and In-person $180

 2 Hours - In-person only $280

2+ Hours - Pricing available upon request and determined by type of healing

 Due to the nature of in-person shamanic healing, these times can become flexible during a session and will be addressed appropriately. Both phone and Skype are powerful alternatives to an in-person session and create a positive and empowering healing experience.

Sessions for Shamanic Wellness & Healing

Shamanic 4 Winds Spiritual Counseling

(Life, Wellness, Relationship, Couples, Career, Grief, Anxiety, Stress Relief)

Ancestral Core Healing and Shamanic Sacred Breathwork

Chakra Healing and Shamanic Sacred Breathwork

Shamanic Journeying and Sacred Breathwork

Shamanic Journeying to Meet Your Spirit Guides

Shamanic Journeying to Meet Your Animal Totems

Vision Questing - Be Who You Were Born to Be

Shamanic Dreamwork

Shamanic Sound Healing

Shamanic Spirit of the Drum Healing

Shamanic Prayer Weaving

Reiki (Usui, Crystal and Karuna)

Ritual Medicine Bundles, Shamanic Journey Candles

Depending on your needs, you may experience one or more the following during a session:  Sacred ceremony offerings, sacred oil anointing, Shamanic energy healing, Shamanic Sound Healing, Spirit of the Drum healing, Shamanic journeying, meditation, Pranayama breath-work, yoga, drumming, Reiki (Usui, Karuna, crystal), flower medicine, Chakra balancing, feather and bell clearing, spirit medicine bundle ritual, and Shaman Spirit smudge, essential oil and balm blends.

All of my sessions are  held within sacred space that I have created with the intention to open up to Spirit and receive the highest and purest vibration of healing that is intended for your own soul.  The guidance that is received is always meant for your highest good.

Before each session, I tune into your soul. I sit in prayer within the spiritual realm with elders, archangels, angels, spirit guides, ancestors, the Council of Light, animal totems and ancient earth medicine. We all come together to connect you to the truth of your soul, creating a supportive sanctuary where you are heard and able to receive the healing you require.

I begin each session by infusing ceremony and ritual, using sage, oil blends and prayer to prepare you for your healing journey.

During a session, we work with Ancient Earth medicine to help you move forward more confidently on your life-path. Working with the elements, Air (mental), Water (emotions), Fire (spiritual) and Earth (physical), we will explore the different areas of your life, looking at your strengths, aspirations, fears and challenges. We'll cut to the core of certain behavioral issues within yourself and your relationships to discover how they affect your daily living.

I will guide and support you as we work to heal and remove core wounds, limiting belief patterns and behaviors, unseen blocks and fears, stress, anxiety and release ancestral patterns. We'll work together to see how your belief system could be sabotaging your life and how to overcome these obstacles. Once you are able to see and release those patterns and blocks, you will be open to creating a conscious life, able to build self-confidence and with the use of empowering new tools, your soul will move into a place of awareness, increased intuition, motivation, clarity, confidence, focus, healthy, joyful and radiant living. Live your life with purpose and passion! I will connect you to to your feelings, thoughts, fears, beliefs and truth of your soul. I do not follow protocol other than to create a sacred space for you and then allow the natural energy and pathways to flow without resistance.